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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Neko no Hi

Better late than never!

My 8 month old cat, Snufkin.

The 22nd February is Neko no Hi in Japan. That's "cat day" to us English types. The Japan Pet Food Association named this day in 1987 due to the date sounding like the noise a cat makes. Cat's don't "meow" in Japan, they "nyar". The Japanese for number two is "ni". So 22/2 is "ni, ni, ni" which sounds like "nyar, nyar, nyar". And so Neko no Hi was formed! Get it???

Here's a few kawaii cats to celebrate yesterday's Neko no Hi ^_^

And a few more of my own kawaii cat, Snufkin!

Poorly Snufkin! :o(

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