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Thursday, 2 August 2012

I Heart JapanLA

What a kawaii and all round awesome shop JapanLA is! Described as a unique pop culture shop, it stocks cute products inspired by Japanese and L.A. pop culture. The shop itself is located on Melrose Avenue, L.A., and carries a wide range of brands, as well as having a gallery area showcasing art from all over the world.
Of course, I wouldn't know anything about JapanLA if it wasn't for their website. Having little money to spend on pretty things, I've only browsed the site, though they do deliver internationally if I ever wanted to splash out.
I'm almost certain we have nothing quite like it in the UK. I can't think of any shops, online or otherwise, that have such an immense product range. JapanLA stocks clothes, jewellery, CDs, books, DVDs, art, beauty products, toys and much more besides. UK kawaii store artbox comes close, but just doesn't have the same range or amount.
There's just far too many bits and pieces I want to show you all, for just one blog post. So, over the next few days I'm going to share a selection of JapanLA items in individual mini-posts. Today is just an introduction!

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